20th Century

Stewart Barker Line

Vera Stewart at sixteen

20th Century

Vera Stewart and her sister Rebah, 1920s

Vera Stewart Barker and Randall Barker on wedding day, 1930s

Vera Barker while employed at Horace Mann School, Mt. Vernon, Il, 1960s

Randall Barker while employed at Horace Mann School, Mt. Vernon, IL, 1960s

Robert (Bob) Parnell Stewart and Hessie Belle Gregory, 1940s

Clara Wilda Giles (Barker) and Samuel Barker, 1900s

Marilyn Sue Foster, 1938

Marilyn Sue Foster, school age, 1940s

Hessie Belle Gregory Stewart, 1940s

Hessie Belle Gregory Stewart, 1920s

Vera Stewart and siblings with their father, going to work on the farm, 1920s

Southern Illinois Gypsy Tour, 1928 (motorcycle club)

20th Century, Southern Illinois Gypsy Tour 1928

Ramsey Foster Line

Arthur Foster, his father, and others, 1920s.

Mila Gaither Ramsey, Christopher Columbus Gaither, Ted Foster, and Wilma Ramsey Foster, 1930s

Arthur Foster and Waldo Emmerson Foster, 1940s

Christopher Columbus Gaither and Mary Summers Gaither, 1930s

Five Gaither brothers, 1910s

Five Gaither Brothers as adults, 1940s

Ernie and Carter Gaither, 1940s

Mila Gaither Ramsey, 1960s

Carson Eugene Foster High School, 1950s

Teddy Joe Foster High School, 1950s

Carson Eugene Foster killed in accident, 1958

Carson (Corky) and Ted Foster, 1940s

Barker Foster

Debate clipping, 1950s

Sue Barker and Ted Foster wedding day, 1955

Sue Foster PhD graduation from Ohio University, 1976

Ted Foster debate news, 1950s

Sue Foster appointed AMHRC superintendent, 1977

The Ramsey Family, 1900s

Ramsey sons and patriarch, 1920s

Ramsey patriarch, 1920s

Frank Ramsey and Mila Gaither Ramsey, 1971, Myra Loma, California

Waldo, Barbara, and Ted Foster, 1950s