A Pension Letter and Retirement Accolades

My grandmother had only an eighth-grade education, and grew up on a farm. She and my grandfather were able to work at a variety of jobs, at the Mount Vernon shoe factory (Brown Co., I believe), eventually in the school system. Just to editorialize, let me raise the question of whether the changes in the workplace reflect a difference in the work force itself? Do “unskilled” people today get pushed farther to the margin, although they, like the generations before them, will learn how to do their jobs, on the job? We have certifications and diplomas, the lack of which shut people out, while the people themselves must be as intelligent and capable as ever. My grandparents saved, bought and paid off a house, saved more, and left a legacy that helped me pay off my student loans. Are today’s unskilled workers not shut out of the housing market, for the disproportionate cost by percentage of income?


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