Advertising of 1809

By 1809, newspapers had stopped using the “s” that looked like an “f”, and so are a little easier for 21st century citizens to read. Human beings for sale were mixed among other notices and advertisements. The United States was at strong odds with Great Britain, over the embargo and impressment practices of their war with Napoleon Bonaparte, that led to our war of 1812.

Photo of historic sailing ship USS Constitution
USS Constitution
The National Intelligencer and Washington Advertiser, March 3, 1809

Just Published

And to be had at R. C. Weightman’s Book Store

A tour through part of Virginia, in the summer of 1808, in a series of letters, including an account of Harper’s ferry, the natural bridge, the new discovery called Weir’s Cave, Monticello, and the different Medical Springs, hot and cold baths, visited by the author.

Price 37 and ½ cents


Mill Wrights Wanted

Six good journeymen will meet with employment by applying to the subscriber at Occoquin before the 20th March, and afterwards at Ellicott’s Lower Mills, 8 miles from Baltimore.


Ran away from the subscriber, in Pineataway, Prince Georges county, Maryland, on the 31st of May last, two Negro Men, viz. POMPEY, a very black man, upwards of 50 years old, 5 feet 10 or 11 inches high, rather slender made, with a small head and face; his forehead projects considerably over his eyes, and it is believed he has lost an under foretooth; he is much addicted to liquor, and when drunk disposed to talk a great deal; he has been accustomed to drive a carriage and waggon; he had on when he went away a deep blue short jacket of coarse cloth, oznabrig shirt and trowsers.

Basil, a dark mulatto, about 22 or 23 years old, 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high, rather stout made; has thick lips and large mouth; the forefinger of his right hand is stiff and smaller than the other; he had ulcers on his legs, and if healed, the scars may be discovered. Basil was a house servant, and at the time he went off, his apparel was the same as Pompey’s, but they had each a variety of cloths. They may endeavor to pass as freemen, and it is probable that Basil is in Alexandria or Baltimore, as his father is living in the former place, and he has a brother and sister in the latter. It is conjectured that a black man in the District of Columbia named Jack Neall, has contrived to get them away, as the subscriber has been informed that the said Neall about two years ago carried a negro woman of his on board a vessel at Alexandria, at which time she was a runaway. The above reward (including what the law allows) will be given for securing Pompey and Basil in any jail, so that the subscriber shall get them again, or Fifty Dollars for either and all reasonable expenses if brought home. All persons are forewarned against harboring them.



A Servant, accustomed to wait on a single gentleman, who is sensible and likely, and has a good character; for whom liberal price will be given.


A very likely, healthy, MULATTO GIRL, about 12 years of age—apply at this office.


A valuable family of NEGROES, consisting of a man, who is a carpenter, his wife and seven children; all young and healthy.


Prince Georges County


LOST, a SILVER WATCH, with hands telling the day of the month, on the face of her, and capped—Mott, maker, of New York. Whoever will return the Watch to this office, shall receive the above sum, and no questions asked.

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