A Story, A Video, and A New Book

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Most of my growing-up years, my family lived on Shannon Avenue in Athens, Ohio. Early on, when my parents first bought the house, a little cache of some former owner’s WWII souvenirs was found in the attic. My sister got to add to her things an “Aussie” hat, a cool article to play dress-up with. I got to keep these two items, the soldier’s campaign medal and a 1945 franc—a significant issue, after the country got its own government back. I would agree with anyone who feels we should not have had these things to play with, but seventy-four years on, I don’t know if the rightful descendants can ever be located.



Above, my cats at play, and a little accompanying music.



This is my latest book of poetry, which you can get on Kindle or as a paperback.



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