Good Weather and Burgeoning Nature

Photo of pulmonaria and coleus in garden

A pretty combo of pulmonaria and coleus.


Photo of baby deer in garden

Early in the week, a visitor. Mother deer, when the babies are small, will “park” them in a safe place, while going off to browse. If you find a baby, and it looks perfectly healthy, it likely has no troubles at all, and the mother hasn’t abandoned it. Leave things alone, and she’ll come back to take the baby away with her.


Photo of baby deer in garden

Here’s another shot. The camouflage worked a little, in that I discovered this one by surprise while out in the evening spraying my plants with Liquid Fence. The baby lifted its head and wrinkled its nose, and I apologized. (Yes, I’ll talk to an animal, if I come across one.) They aren’t afraid of people at this stage of life…and of course you shouldn’t touch them, though having been nearby won’t perturb the mother when she comes back.


Photo of baby deer in garden

And here is the little face. The baby was about the size of my larger cat.


Photo of chipmunk hole

A chipmunk hole, where they’ve tunneled under the concrete patio. I have a cactus that lives outdoors during the warm months, and the chipmunks always jump right on top of it and perch there, not bothered by the spines.


Photo of pawpaw tree

A volunteer pawpaw tree, under one of my oaks. I don’t mind it staying; while I’ve never actually found a pawpaw fruit in the wild, with all the animals that get them first.


Photo of several plants in small space

This is a small space, probably any radius from this half-circle bed no more than two feet. But you can spot a clematis, daylily, astilbe, heuchera, impatiens, dusty miller, nasturtium, coleus, and a little larkspur. Also wild violets.


Photo of potted plants in garden

The patio pots, with mostly the standbys: impatiens, coleus, petunia. The large one with the colander also has nasturtium and a start from my perennial geranium, and the stewpot has Louisiana iris, a bog plant, since there are no holes in the bottom.




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