Some Stewart Family Photos

Photocopy of old photo, family standing before house

The Stewarts in front of their house. Notice the shiny windows; this family photo must have been an occasion. My great-grandfather Robert Parnell Stewart is second from left.

Photo of family posed

Great-great-grandmother Nancy Pilkington Stewart, children younger. This is probably the 1890s. Robert’s head above younger brother. The Pilkington line seems the source of this generation’s notable ears.

Photo of great-great aunts and uncle

Two sisters, one brother; the theme is probably the three eldest.

Photo of group outside house early 20th century

Into the 1920s, gathered on the family farm.

Stewart Family information

Charles Harry Stewart (great-great grandfather) born April 2, 1840-died October 22, 1890, birthplace Argyle, New York, married in Centralia, Illinois, died in Evansville, Indiana, a workplace accident (jostled off a railcar full of gravel that was being backed up to dump it, Charles being rolled along under the train’s wheels, severe injuries to head and extremities).

Worked as railroad machinist on Louisville and Nashville line. Served in Company D, 11th regiment, Illinois volunteer cavalry, September 24, 1861 to September 30, 1865. Civil War veteran. Enlistment papers describe him as 5 foot 6 inches tall, blue eyes, black hair.

(Father James A. Stewart; Mother Laura Brown)

Nancy Ann Pilkington (great-great grandmother) born April 1, 1850 Knoxville, Tennessee, married July 31, 1867, Centralia, Illinois. Died March 10, 1925, Salem, Illinois.

(Father John Pilkington; Mother Nancy Martin)

Signed for widow’s pension with mark (illiterate).

2 thoughts on “Some Stewart Family Photos

  1. I just came onto your website-I was so excited. I have been researching my Stewart side of the family. I am the daughter of Kenneth Stewart who was the son of Vera’s brother-Paul. So Robert is my great grandfather, too. I remember your Grandma Vera, Dote, Forest, and Hazel. One of the neat things is that when my father Kenny died-I bought the 40 acres that have been in the Stewart family for over one hundred years. Thanks for the pictures! .


    1. So great to hear from you! My Mom was just telling me about the promise Vera’s father made to give each son or daughter a piece of the farmland, and Vera didn’t want it. She wanted to move into town and have a more glamorous life than a farmgirl’s. She and her sister Reba worked at the shoe factory in Mt. Vernon, and bought themselves a Model T to tool around the county, and she met my Grandfather at the factory. I’ll let Mom know what you’ve told me. Thanks!


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