News from 1820

Stephanie Foster and Tracy Foster 1961
Me (Stephanie), on the left, my sister Tracy on the right. I don’t know how old I am in this picture…one or two years.


And, a few announcements from the year 1820, transcriptions I make to give family tree aficionados a taste of what their ancestors might have been influenced by, or talking about. 



The Hillsborough Recorder (NC) August 16, 1820


The governor of Virginia offers a reward of $500.00 for George Hamblet, who committed a deliberate murder on a negro man, his slave, accompanied by circumstances of the most savage cruelty.



It is said, that the following gives the respective ages of the surviving political patriarchs who signed the Declaration of Independence:


William Floyd, of New York….87

John Adams, of Massachusetts….85

Thomas Jefferson, of Virginia….83

Charles Carroll, of Maryland….82


Gentlemen are requested not to kill a belled buzzard, which is ranging about this neighbourhood. It was belled at Yankee Hall in May last.

William W. Hall


Alexandria Gazette and Daily Advertiser, July 22, 1820

Liver Stable

Elizabeth Towers


RETURNS her sincerest thanks to the public for the liberal encouragement her late deceased husband received in the above business for this twenty years, and informs his friends and the public in general, that she still continues the above business at the former stand, where every attention will be paid that formerly was, to render ample satisfaction to those Ladies and Gentlemen that will honor me with their custom, as she has a large family to support, and through no other means.




PROPOSALS will be received at Fort Washington until June 20th for supplying the troops and laborers with FRESH BEEF twice a week for one year.

R. B. Lee, Lt. U.S.A.


A Card


Those ladies and gentlemen who witnessed the great exertions of Mr. and Master Napey to entertain them by the ascension of their balloon, and who were prevented by the crowd from approaching the old gentleman to contribute their mite to remunerate him, are respectfully invited to call at his place of abode, at the corner of Prince and Fairfax, to enable him to proceed to his friends at New York.

Mr. Napey takes this occasion to return his thanks to the citizens of Alexandria for their great kindness and liberality to him during his stay in town, and regrets that some untoward circumstances prevented him from fully executing his plan as it regarded his balloons yesterday.




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