Simple Simple

Yogurt Pie


Almost Good for You, and Much Lighter than Cheesecake


This pie is made with Greek zero-fat yogurt, and does a convincing cheesecake imitation.

You’ll need a 32oz container of yogurt. Make sure it’s the zero-fat kind. I use vanilla, which has some sweetening, and a little extra flavor. Next, get a large mixing bowl, and add two cups of confectioners sugar, plus one-half cup of cocoa. Sift these together well, then add the yogurt. The dry and wet ingredients should blend together smoothly.

Crack five eggs and scramble them; pour them into your bowl and stir thoroughly into the mix.

Use a deep dish pie plate, and pour the filling over any crust you prefer. I use almonds I grind in my blender, but Graham cracker or Oreo would do well too.

I put the oven at 350, and advise checking for the surface to show uniformly matte, as to doneness. This is basically a custard, so if a small part in the center looks shiny, turn off the oven anyway before the sides get over-baked, and the residual heat will finish it.

And that’s it! Cool on the counter, and refrigerate when the pie is close enough to room temperature that it won’t “weep” under plastic wrap.






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